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Mud Creek Retrievers: Hall of Fame
Testimonials from owners of Mud Creek Retriever pups and clients we have provided with training.


Here are some pictures of Drake's first early season goose hunt. He is doing great and I can't believe how smart he is and how fast he catches on. My friends are amazed! He must be good luck too, because his first 3 geese were all banded. If all goes as planed Drake will take his first hunt test at the end of the month.
Thanks a lot...
Matt D.
  "Mud Creek's Nitro"
Nitro is awesome! He has unbelievable drive and hits the water without breaking stride. He loves the hunt and I can't keep him out of the water. He is one of the primary hunt dogs at Becker's Duck Hole. Looking forward to seeing him perform in the upcoming season! He is a wonderful companion to our entire family.
Thanks again,
Victor Schieter
Granite City, IL

Hollywood “Holly”
Daughter of Deacon & Shadow
Born 10-23-06
Owner, Dave Manning
Bakersfield, CA


Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you how remarkable this gal is. She is so, so smart, she amazes me every day. Today's session was phenomenal.  She has made the transition to play retrieving to working and wanting to please, just this week. I was not looking forward to laying down the law and disciplining her, I am a more mature trainer now and I was very patient, and it was evident today it has paid off.  She was flawless with double and triple retrieves. We played baseball, and she was perfect. It amazes me how fast she has picked up hand signals. She will now even bring back the dummy to the heal position and wait for me to take the dummy, amazing at her age. You both should be a very proud.

I might add I have not been working her as often as I thought I should, but it was not evident today. It is apparent she does not need daily retriever training, just daily love.

She will retrieve dummies as far as you can throw them and for as long as you can throw them. I will sit her and walk out about 20 yds and throw a dummy, return to her and send her and takes off just like if you let her brake on the throw of the dummy. Phenomenal. I can't wait to hunt birds with her.

Holly is at my feet now, just like she is every night, and I know she would want to send sloppy kisses to your daughters and tell them she is still a house dog and sleeps at the foot of our bed nightly. My wife and I are so grateful our daughter Steph contacted you.  Holly is a blessing.
Take care, Dave

Here is a picture of Drake's first duck hunt. He did awsome and everyone is amazed at how good he is... You would think he was an old pro that had been doing it for years.

Thanks for everything,
Matt Deufel

I have spent the last 3 seasons looking for a great line of labs and I am very pleased that I was introduced to Mud Creek Retrievers. I found out they were scheduled to have a litter of pups in December 07 so I spent some time visiting their facilities and checked out their line of dogs. To say the least I was very impressed with their operation and the Sire and Damn of the litter. I watched them work both dogs over the summer and seen testimonials of other satisfied customers of previous litters and new I had found my future pup. I received my black lab male “Rio” in late December and have been nothing but impressed with him so far. He shows great intelligence, desire, disposition and character, just as both his parents. He is a very solid looking dog with strong features. He is progressing very well through obedience training and retrieving live birds to hand at only 3 months of age. If anyone is looking for a great lab and a referral, without hesitation I recommend Mud Creek Retrievers.

Scott Jackson

December 27, 2007
We're just stopping in to say hi and tell you how great a dog Abby is.  She is such an awesome dog.  Potty training has been going great.  She is really good at letting us know when she needs to go out.  And she comes back to the door when she is ready to come back inside.  We are so amazed with her ability to learn already.  She has such a good memory.  We added water to her bowl out of the kitchen sink and then the following morning she went back to the sink because she was thirsty.  We are so pleased with her.  She is such a sweetheart.  She loves to cuddle with someone when she is sleeping and she definitely has a little attitude of her own.  Our big dogs are coping with her.  She loves playing with them and aggravating them when they are sleeping.  She loved Christmas; she helped everyone open there presents and loved to lie under the tree. We cannot wait to watch her grow up and become the great dog she has already proved to be!!
Thank you so much.
Adam and Katie
February 1, 2008 
We are having a great '08 so far!  Thanks for sharing the pictures of her brothers and sisters.  Abby is great... we couldn't love her more.  She is learning so much and growing like a weed.  Everyone is amazed on how quickly she picks commands up for being so young.  She definitely still has a lot of puppy in her.  She loves to play with all kinds of dogs (big or small).  I swear she's fearless!  Adam took Abby along with him while he hunted in our timber and she loved it.  Gunshots don't phase her.... she’s doing really good.  Adam is so excited for spring so they can be outside all the time together. Right now she doesn't like being out in the cold for too long, but she LOVES snow!

Katie & Adam

Thanks for having us. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was great to watch you run Deacon and also for Mickey to have the opportunity to handle Bella on some retrieves. Thanks for the open invite to come and train at your grounds. It was also nice for me to finally meet Shadow and Deacon. I now know why Bella is such a wonderful dog! The pictures are great I love the picture of Mickey and her and the pics of the two of them swimming in the water. Here are some pics from here tests over the summer. I can't wait to see the video that you guys made for the website!

Mickey & Sheila

  "Holly Girl"

Just wanted to share the best pics so far of Mud Creek's Holly Girl. I took the kids to the park the other day and brought my small dummy to toss for Holly. She retrieved every toss!! About 15 tosses… I was amazed!

Holly comes to work with me every day, and for the moment she tries to sleep on my lap most of the way. Thanks again.

Take care,
Shane Ritchie

Hats off to Mud Creek Retrievers!!!

If a total family experience with your Black Lab is what you are after, then MUD CREEK RETRIEVERS is the place to go!!! My family has been friends with the VANHYFTES for some period of time, and let me be the first one to say, that the total experience you get when spending any amount of time with these people is nothing less than phenomenal!!! Hunts are based on close family, friends, and clients, with nothing in mind but having the time of our lives, enjoying the outdoors. Recently, they invited a close friend, and me with our 7- year-old boys to harvest some Canadian Geese on his local farm! It was the first time my son Jarrett and his friend Caden had seen anything close to this exciting!!! We will remember this the rest of our lives!!!

As a professional hunter/outfitter I must surround myself with the best of equipment and resources to ensure successful hunting experiences. Although I am an avid water-fowler, I knew that I needed a higher quality dog than I was able to train or develop by myself. After many hours of research and a visit to Mud Creek Retrievers it was clear that the Van Hyfte's could provide me with this tool. Mud Creek Retrievers started training my pup (Blue) when he was 12 weeks old. In addition to providing highly professional training and care, the Van Hyfte's have bred many titled and championship caliber dogs, this is what makes my situation unique and a testament to Mud Creek Retrievers' ability to adjust and accomplish their goals of training high end hunting and titled dogs.

Blue began as a less athletic and trainable pup than what Mud Creek is accustomed to training. I was aware of the potential that Blue may not complete the specialized training due to his attitude, background, and willingness to hunt. After meeting with Mud Creek I was confident that if anyone could train Blue to the level that I required it was Mud Creek Retrievers. I was highly impressed with the knowledge and patience that they displayed while slowly working through Blue's learning process and training stages. Mud Creek was able to take an average dog through all phases of training including basic obedience, force fetching, and collar conditioning strictly because of their knowledge of the dogs learning process and rock solid consistency. Although Blue was not of champion bloodlines or background he is now a highly productive and trained hunting dog that is capable of hunting in any situation or condition.

Blue is a tremendous example that highlights the professional abilities that Mud Creek Retrievers can offer any dog owner. I, as well as many of my clients and colleagues, am very impressed and satisfied with Blue and his abilities to make our hunts more successful and enjoyable.

I have and will continue to recommend Mud Creek Retrievers to anyone that is interested in owning a championship caliber or high end hunting dog.

Aaron Milliken- Owner, Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters
Chloe is an amazing addition to our family! She is 70 lbs. of muscle with the most beautiful black coat. She is extremely intelligent and lovable. Chloe runs like the wind and has an endless desire to retrieve her frisbee. I can't thank you enough for her! Keep in touch.

Michelle Dutenhafer Rockford, IL
Gracie is the perfect addition to our family. She has more energy than any dog I've owned or seen. She'll go 5-6 miles per day and seems to want more! She is very easy to train and learning commands seems to come natural. She retrieves wings and bumpers with endless drive, with a motor to match! Looking forward to sending her back for training at four months old to see her real potential!
Thanks again,
Jeff & Sara Deason
Las Vegas, NV
As an avid waterfowler and full-time hunting guide, I've hunted over some great hunting dogs. From the first morning I hunted over Mud Creek's Screamin' Demon Deacon I knew that I had to have a Mud Creek retriever, as a matter of fact I immediately told them I wanted a pup from his next litter. Deacon's intelligence, trainability, and drive are unequaled by any other Labrador I have ever hunted with. Though only 15 weeks old, my pup has progressed rapidly, showing the sort of fearlessness and drive that all but ensures his future success in the field. When you invest in a Mud Creek retriever you not only receive a world class hunting dog, but the friendship and support of the Van Hyfte's who are eager to follow up on the progress of your new dog. They breed top notch hunting retrievers on a personal level, lending professional advice and training tips when needed. I highly recommend a Mud Creek Retriever to anyone who wants a serious hunting dog for the blind or field trials.

K. C. Monti
Thank you so much for your personal and professional attention to Echo during the entire stud service with Deacon. My son and I each kept a pup because we were so impressed. Deacon's strong hunting abilities can be seen in each and every pup. Thanks again for everything,

Jim Windy
Geneseo, IL
Thank you for training Muzzy! I can't thank you enough for taking her in and treating her like one of your "family". You have gone above and beyond what was expected of you!! She has shown nothing but championship qualities since day one of your program. Mud Creek's Muzzy is definitely one for the ages!!! I will have no problem passing on your training program to all who are interested. Thank you again for all you have done, to insure the well being of the newest member of our "FAMILY".

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